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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Selected audio segments:
Advisor says top China body may approve security law next week  Listenfacebook
The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, which is drafting the national security law for Hong Kong, will hold a second meeting this Sunday. Officials remained tight-lipped on whether the law would be discussed, while other analysts suggested it was highly likely the final draft of the law would be approved. The body usually meets once every two months, and ended its first meeting on Saturday without releasing full details of the law. Timmy Sung reports:
Ex-official backs plans for Beijing to appoint security consultant  Listenfacebook
The former justice minister, Elsie Leung, has hit back at criticism over Beijing's plan to appoint a consultant to a new national security committee led by the Chief Executive, saying Hong Kong needs advice from the country when it comes to national security. She also says the details released so far should make people feel assured about the new law. Joanne Wong reports:
Legal groups reiterate concerns over transparency  Listenfacebook
Local legal professionals are at loggerheads over Beijing's plan to retain jurisdiction on some cases and allow the Chief Executive to choose judges. Joanne Wong reports:
China analyst 'very nervous' about new security law  Listenfacebook
China specialist Mark O'Neill says he is very nervous about the new security law that Beijing is drafting for Hong Kong. He told Janice Wong that, according to details released so far, the law would have a chilling effect on civil society in the SAR:
Queues at banks as registration for cash handout begins  Listenfacebook
Around two million people applied for the government's HK$10,000 cash handout on the first day of registration on Sunday. Todd Harding reports:
Many still face a wait to visit relatives in hospital  Listenfacebook
Last week, the Hospital Authority started relaxing restrictions on visitors at some public hospitals as coronavirus infections in Hong Kong remained very low. The ban was introduced in January to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Not all patients have benefited from the relaxation. Wendy Wong talked to one woman who has been prevented from visiting her bedridden husband for almost half a year:
President Trump frustrated over both China and Covid-19  Listenfacebook
US-China relations have reached their lowest point in years since the coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan and hit the United States hard. There are multiple points of friction, including Beijing’s moves to impose new security legislation on Hong Kong, accusations from the US that Beijing lacked transparency over the coronavirus at the start of the outbreak, as well as the ongoing Sino-US trade war. Some analysts say the two sides are headed for a new Cold War that could be worse than the four-decade freeze between the Soviet Union and the US after World War 2. Samantha Butler spoke to RTHK's international economics correspondent, Barry Wood, in Washington, and asked him about the first meeting in months between the two sides, held last week in Hawaii: