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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Government has enough vaccines for all  Listenfacebook
Brazilian researchers say the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac is more than 50 percent effective, based on preliminary data. But they said they were withholding the full results of their late-stage trial again at the Chinese pharmaceutical company's request. The release of Brazil's phase-three trial results had been set for early this month but has now been delayed three times. The vaccine is a key part of Hong Kong's planned mass inoculation programme. The government announced on Wednesday that it's procured enough shots to cover the entire population. It's also set up an indemnity fund to provide assistance to anyone who suffers from serious complications as a result of the vaccines. Frances Sit reports:
More infectious coronavirus strain already in Hong Kong  Listenfacebook
Britain has ordered anyone who's recently travelled to South Africa - or had contact with anyone who's been there - to quarantine immediately. This comes after scientists detected cases in the UK of an even-more contagious strain of Covid-19 that originated in South Africa. Last week, Boris Johnson's government confirmed that another variant of the disease was rapidly spreading in Britain. That strain has now been found in Hong Kong, prompting the government to further tighten quarantine restrictions on people arriving from the UK. Cecil Wong reports:
Computer glitch blamed for missing test results   Listenfacebook
The Food and Health Bureau has admitted that 800 people who tested negative for Covid-19 since the end of last month haven't received a text message informing them of that, because of a computer glitch. Violet Wong has more:
Jimmy Lai freed under strict bail conditions   Listenfacebook
Media tycoon Jimmy Lai will be home for Christmas after spending 20 days behind bars. He’s the first suspect charged under the national security law to be granted bail. The Department of Justice sought to immediately appeal Wednesday’s decision but its bid was rejected. Timmy Sung reports:
Lawyer says HK 12 should be home before Chinese New Year   Listenfacebook
A mainland lawyer working for the family of one of the 12 young Hong Kong activists detained in Shenzhen says he expects all of them to be back in the SAR soon. Frances Sit has more:
Over one million struggling as poverty hits record high   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's poverty rate reached a record high of 21.4 percent in 2019. The government has blamed last year's massive protests, triggered by its bid to amend the extradition laws, as well as Sino-US trade tensions for the rise. Cecil Wong reports:
Beijing ‘intent on absolute control’ in Hong Kong  Listenfacebook
Prominent pro-democracy district councillors admit their time in public office is running short. They were responding to reports that Beijing is considering sweeping changes that could unseat more of Hong Kong's elected officials; strip the councils of their five Legislative Council 'superseats'; and remove district councillors from the committee that elects the Chief Executive. James To and Lester Shum are among those expecting the worst as the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress meets in the capital. The two councillors believe Beijing is intent on crushing voices of dissent in order to have "absolute control" here. But Mr To told Violet Wong that if this happens, it would put paid to the pretence that the central authorities care at all about the views of the people:
Beijing ‘would renege’ on its promises if it scraps ‘superseats’  Listenfacebook
Former Democratic Party leader and lawmaker Emily Lau says Beijing would break promises it made in 2010 if it decides to strip district councils of their Legco ‘superseats’. This is among plans that are reportedly being mulled by China’s highest legislative body as it meets in the capital. Mike Weeks asked Lau what she made of the reports:
Junius Ho takes the lead on national security education centre   Listenfacebook
Pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho is setting up a centre for national security education to foster what he described as "correct and positive" attitudes among young people. It will also propose teaching material to the government for a revamped liberal studies curriculum. Natale Ching reports: