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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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New World to pull down understrength tower blocks   Listenfacebook
The Buildings Department has told property giant New World Development to take follow-up action after work on two of its Pavilia Farm residential towers in Tai Wai was found to be unsafe. The half-built blocks will now have to be torn down, as Priscilla Ng reports:
Demolishing blocks ‘the right thing to do’   Listenfacebook
A former president of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Greg Wong, has described the major shortcomings in construction of the Pavilia Farm towers above Tai Wai Station as a "rare incident." But he agrees that the best course of action is for the half-built blocks to be demolished. New World Development announced it would do that on Thursday after concrete used in the construction of the buildings failed strength tests. Wong said lax monitoring or miscommunication between the contractor and workers might have led to the blunder. He spoke to Violet Wong:
800 Pavilia Farm buyers in line for compensation   Listenfacebook
More than 800 property buyers are affected by the demolition of the Pavilia Farm blocks. New World said they will be given the option of either carrying on with their deals or terminating their transactions with immediate effect, but either way they'll get compensation. Lawyer Raymond Tse says the baseline compensation should be the price of the flat plus accrued interest. He also believes New World will probably offer incentives to buyers to push ahead with their deals, so it doesn't have to re-sell the flats. He spoke to Wendy Wong:
Kazakh consular official tests positive for Covid-19   Listenfacebook
A member of the Kazakhstan consulate, who lives in Manhattan Heights, in Kennedy Town, is reported to have tested preliminary positive for Covid-19. The Centre for Health Protection is investigating the case. The 39-year-old man recently came to Hong Kong from Kazakhstan, and is believed to be another suspected "re-positive" case. That news came as the government offered one-off, free body checks to taxi and minibus drivers in an attempt to encourage them to get vaccinated against the virus. Wendy Wong reports:
Private doctors may soon administer BioNTech jabs   Listenfacebook
An expert advising the government on the pandemic says private clinics might soon be able to administer BioNTech jabs. That’s after studies showed the vaccine doesn't need to be stored in ultra-cold conditions and that normal fridge temperatures are adequate. That story from Violet Wong:
Top officials breached pandemic rules   Listenfacebook
A number of top government officials, including the undersecretary for security, as well as the heads of the customs and immigration departments, have admitted that they flouted social distancing rules to attend a dinner in March, and were fined. Priscilla Ng reports:
Many district councillors expected to quit before oath taking   Listenfacebook
The government is expected to order district councillors to pledge allegiance to the SAR later this month, and it's being reported as many as 230 pro-democracy councillors could be unseated for failing to meet the criteria. It's also said the authorities may recoup salaries and allowances from councillors whose oaths are deemed invalid by their past actions coming under a "negative list” of behaviour. Mike Weeks asked Southern District councillor Paul Zimmerman if he expected many of his council colleagues to be disqualified:
Students’ union withdraws motion mourning cop stabber   Listenfacebook
The University of Hong Kong students’ union has withdrawn a motion mourning the man who took his life after stabbing a policeman in Causeway Bay on July 1. It took the decision after the university accused it of "whitewashing violence. Violet Wong reports:
Opposition politicians and activists to stay in jail until September   Listenfacebook
West Kowloon Court has further adjourned the national security hearing for the 47 pro-democracy figures facing subversion charges until September. Jimmy Choi reports:
US extends HK ‘national emergency’ for another year   Listenfacebook
The governments here and in Beijing have both condemned Washington's decision to continue with what it calls "the national emergency with respect to Hong Kong". In extending the measure for another year from July 14, the US pointed to what it said is the central government's encroachment on the autonomy of the SAR. Priscilla Ng has more:
Euro MPs call for tough measures over security law   Listenfacebook
The European Parliament has called for tough measures to be taken over the national security law and the government’s crackdown on press freedom in a resolution on Hong Kong. Carolyn Wright reports: