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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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Govt unveils plan to revamp primary healthcare  Listenfacebook
The government will promote the concept of “family doctors” – especially for patients with chronic conditions – and increase the amount of elderly healthcare vouchers. It is all part of a blueprint outlining major changes to the SAR's public healthcare system. Priscilla Ng reports:
Health revamp requires change to habits  Listenfacebook
The medical and health services lawmaker, David Lam, says the government will need to implement effective measures to change people's healthcare routines for its primary healthcare blueprint to be successful. The plan is to push forward with a partnership between District Health Centres and private clinics to promote a “family doctor for all” concept. Lam, who is a surgeon, told Ada Au that he supported this concept:
Patients' group hopes for increased subsidies  Listenfacebook
A patients' advocate has welcomed government plans to shift the focus of healthcare from treatment to prevention. The plan also includes a so-called 'co-care' scheme to subsidise patients with hypertension or diabetes to get treated in the private sector. But Tim Pang from the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO), questioned why the government targeted specific illnesses rather than overall health. He spoke to Janice Wong:
Ageing population driving up healthcare costs  Listenfacebook
A geriatrics professor says the proposed revamp will not reduce public healthcare expenditure spending. Jean Woo from the Chinese University said that around the world, an ageing population was driving up healthcare costs, as elderly people develop a range of health issues and require greater community care. She supported preventative medicine, but questioned what the government was doing in helping prevent the physical and cognitive decline of the elderly. She spoke to Vicky Wong:
Expert unconcerned about HK's Covid numbers  Listenfacebook
Epidemiologist, Benjamin Cowling, says he does not expect Covid case numbers to come down much, but Hong Kong need not worry as most of the population here has built up immunity. The SAR confirms around 15,000 new cases a day, but Professor Cowling says this number would decrease if on-arrival testing and compulsory testing on buildings was stopped. The University of Hong Kong professor also told Samantha Butler that the number of severe cases here was at a low level. But he expressed concern about the situation on the mainland:
Call for organ-transfer mechanism with mainland  Listenfacebook
A medical expert says the recent transplant of a heart from a donor on the mainland into a four-month-old baby here provides a good opportunity for authorities to set up a mechanism for the sharing of organs between the mainland and Hong Kong. As Violet Wong reports, it was the first time that an organ donated from the mainland had been used here:
Workers petition lawmakers over safety bill  Listenfacebook
Workers groups have urged lawmakers to speed up scrutiny of a bill that toughens penalties for employers who neglect occupational safety, following a spate of recent fatal industrial accidents. The call was made by representatives from several labour unions, who presented a petition at the Central Government Offices on Monday. Kelly Yu reports:
Crowdfunding regulations put forward  Listenfacebook
The government has set out plans to regulate crowdfunding, requiring all campaigns to apply for permission to do so. It says some of the more popular online crowdfunding activities pose risks to public interest and safety, and a regulatory regime can prevent people from engaging in fraudulent activities or jeopardising national security in the name of crowdfunding. Damon Pang reports:
Locals warned away from holiday drug-use  Listenfacebook
Hongkongers going away for the Christmas holidays have been told to stay away from drugs, even if they are legal in other countries. The warning from the government comes ahead of the prohibition of cannabidiol – or CBD – early next year and products that contain the hemp extract. Mike Weeks reports:
Mainland business confidence at lowest level  Listenfacebook
A survey by World Economics shows that business confidence on the mainland has fallen to its lowest level since January 2013. The London-based data provider says its findings reflect the impact of rising Covid cases on economic activity and suggest China's economy could shrink next year. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Bytedance denies presence in Taiwan  Listenfacebook
The owner of TikTok says the app has no presence in Taiwan. The denial comes after the island's authorities said they were investigating the popular social media app for running what they claimed were "illegal operations". Aaron Tam reports: