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Police briefed on enforcing new anthem law  Listenfacebook
A new law making it a criminal offence to insult or misuse the national anthem took effect in Hong Kong on Friday. Sources say police officers have been briefed on how to enforce the legislation. People who deliberately insult the anthem by, for example, booing it at football matches or making rude gestures while it's being played, would likely be in breach of the law. And it's understood that officers would be allowed to go through suspects' social media accounts as part of investigations into their intentions. Jim Gould asked Angel Wong, spokeswoman of the Progressive Lawyers Group, what she thought of the new law:
India reports record number of Covid-19 cases  Listenfacebook
India has reported a record number of new coronavirus cases, and has now overtaken Britain as the world's fourth worst affected country. Almost eleven thousand new infections were registered on Friday and the total number of cases will shortly exceed 300,000. Authorities warn the capital Delhi could have more than half a million coronavirus cases by the end of July. Annemarie Evans asked our Delhi correspondent Murali Krishnan what the situation is like there: