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新闻稿 Press Release
Response by RTHK

With regard to the petition at RTHK premises today (24th August), RTHK has the following response.

RTHK has taken note of the opinions raised by the petitioners.

It is RTHK’s practice to provide platforms that allow for a free exchange of opinions among the public.  Meanwhile, our programme makers need to abide by the terms set out in both the RTHK Charter and the Producers’ Guidelines, and are tasked to deliver a comprehensive range of information with objectivity and diversities.

At present, RTHK has provided different platforms for the community, non-governmental organisations and the underprivileged to participate in broadcasting.  Members of the public are welcome to express their thoughts by joining the Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS), RTHK Television Programme Commissioning Projects and radio phone-in programmes.

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