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No one will deny that personal investment is one of the efficient ways to achieve fruitful future. Here, you can get a better understanding of personal financial plan and how to use Money.
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《Metropolitan Consumer》 GETTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER


《Metropolitan Consumer》 GETTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER

For the majority of Hong Kong citizens, buying a home is the largest personal consumption expenditure they will ever make.

Candy, a diva on the rise, is planning to buy a flat. She seeks the advice of a feng shui master recommended by a friend. He tells Candy the pertinent facts – in order to buy a good home, one must conduct site visits and be familiar with the contents of the sales brochure.

The Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance:

In the past, there had been many controversies surrounding property purchases, with vendors concealing the faults and boasting the strengths of their developments while promoting them, or creating numerous white lies. The “refreshing air” at a residential site opposite a landfill and “podium-floor seaside garden residences” that are actually right next to a footpath are just a few of many examples… In this episode, the Director of the Sales of First-hand Residential Properties Authority will provide viewers with a brief outline of the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance, which came into effect in 2013, as well as some home buying tips. The Consumer Council was involved in the formulation of the Ordinance and also has some suggestions regarding the regulations currently in force.

External Wall Design and Inspection:

Candy spends a fortune on her new home. The water heater breaks down after she moves in, but every repairman she calls turns her down due to the fact that maintenance access was not included in the design of the building’s external wall.

The Occupational Safety and Health Committee of The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions points out that the external walls of many residential buildings constructed in the past decade do not provide maintenance access, causing home owners to have nowhere to turn for repairs or to spend a huge sum to put up scaffolding for very simple reparations. In this episode, a maintenance worker will personally explain the problems with the external walls of various residential buildings.

Sustainable Development:

With advances in technology, smart homes are becoming more and more commonplace. Hong Kong is currently faced with an energy supply shortage dilemma and is also looking for new power sources. How can smart devices and appliances work hand in hand with energy conservation? University students Keith and Jasmine have come up with a solution – a pre-paid scheme utilising an electricity quota which helps users save energy through an accompanying smartphone app. This idea made the pair stand out from 12,000 contestants in an international environmental competition, garnering them first place.

Home Safety:

Recently, more and more households are using induction cookers as a means of fireless cooking and also for hotpot. The Consumer Council conducts safety tests on the various types of induction cookers available on the market, ranging from several hundred to over a thousand dollars, the majority of which pass.
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