双语广播:粤语/英语 (电视版)
    播放频道:港台电视 31
    播出时间:3月20日 星期日早上9时07分

    Kit & Kate 2 - The Chew Chew Train

    Kit and Kate become engineers on a train. They are so excited to shovel Vroomium into the train’s engine that they skip breakfast. Soon they find themselves too tired to handle the work.

    Bilingual options : English / Cantonese (TV)
    Broadcast channel : RTHK TV 31
    Broadcast date & time : 20th March, Sunday 9:07 a.m.


    • 请多关心我!



    • 最超级的超级英雄



    • 弄蛇人的故事



    • 老鼠特务



    • 登月小龙


    • 跳过月球

      Mama Moo不慎受伤,女儿Bo需要接手跳过月球的任务,但Bo对自己没有信心,于是Mama Moo建议Bo随身带上一件能带来好运的东西。 Bo收集了多个幸运球,但是她无法带它们上月球。Kate和Kit决定当飞机师,载着幸运球飞上天。可是飞机起飞后,所有幸运球都掉到地上。不过,Bo居然顺利跳过月球,她明白到成功是因为不断练习,而非幸运球的缘故。

      双语广播:粤语/英语 (电视版)
      播放频道:港台电视 31
      播出时间:5月29日 星期日早上9时07分

      Kit & Kate 2 - Over the Mooooon!

      When Mama Moo injures her leg jumping over the moon, she asks her daughter Bo to take over the family tradition. But Bo is afraid she won’t be able to do it. Mom suggests Bo find something she can hold for good luck. Bo uses a bouncy ball to jump over a stool and it works, then a soccer ball to get over a fence, juggling balls to get over a boulder, and golf balls to jump over a tree. Soon her collection of lucky balls is too much to carry, but she is afraid that without them she won’t make it over the moon. Kit and Kate enter as cargo plane pilots who will fly next to Bo carting her lucky charms. After taking off, the kittens discover the balls have fallen out of the plane, but Bo still makes it over the moon and safely lands. Bo learns that her success came because she had practiced not because of the balls.
      Bilingual options : English / Cantonese (TV)
      Broadcast channel : RTHK TV 31
      Broadcast date & time : 29th May, Sunday 9:07 a.m.

    • 巨人的烦恼


      双语广播:粤语/英语 (电视版)
      播放频道:港台电视 31
      播出时间:5月22日 星期日早上9时07分

      Kit & Kate 2 - A Giant Problem

      A young fashionista giant is into trendy and fabulous clothes. The problem is that he doesn’t stop growing and outgrows all his outfits. Sometimes his clothes tear apart right in front of other people so the poor guy fells extremely awkward. Kit and Kate - as fashion designers Bulky and Gigunda - enter the story to create a brand new look for the giant who is expected to grow as big as a house. The smart designers decide to plan ahead and design an outfit with the size of the house. Baggy at first, the look turns out to be a perfect fit when the giant grows up some more. Passers-by can’t help admiring the giant and his talented designers!
      Bilingual options : English / Cantonese (TV)
      Broadcast channel : RTHK TV 31
      Broadcast date & time : 22th May, Sunday 9:07 a.m.

    • 懒惰小镇的市长


      双语广播:粤语/英语 (电视版)
      播放频道:港台电视 31
      播出时间:5月15日 星期日早上9时07分

      Kit & Kate 2 - The Mayor of Lazyville

      The town of Lazyville looks shabby and unkempt because its mayor Larry Lazybones and its citizens prefer taking naps instead of taking care of their homes and neighborhood. But when Jackie Rabbit moves to Lazyville she makes her house look brand new. Larry suspects certain amount of magic here and hire Kit and Kate as private investigators. Jackie shows the kittens and the Lazyville crowd some tricks with magic tools: broom, paint brush, hammer. The tools together with the magic word “Abracadabra” turn out to be a total game changer and in no time, Lazyville looks all neat and tidy. Some effort always works its magic!

      Bilingual options : English / Cantonese (TV)
      Broadcast channel : RTHK TV 31
      Broadcast date & time : 15th May, Sunday 9:07 a.m.

    • 寻找幸运帽


      双语广播:粤语/英语 (电视版)
      播放频道:港台电视 31
      播出时间:5月8日 星期日早上9时07分

      Kit & Kate 2 - The Right Fluff

      Kit and Kate are traveling musicians and meet a lamb who has lost her lucky hat. By singing a question-and-answer song, Kit and Kate help the lamb retrace her steps until she finds her lost hat.

      Bilingual options : English / Cantonese (TV)
      Broadcast channel : RTHK TV 31
      Broadcast date & time : 8th May, Sunday 9:07 a.m.

    • 我无法决定


      双语广播:粤语/英语 (电视版)
      播放频道:港台电视 31
      播出时间:5月1日 星期日早上9时07分

      Kit & Kate 2 - I Can’t Decide

      Wolfy the Monster can never make a decision. At Monster Fun Park, he always worries he’ll make the wrong decision, and ends up making no decision at all and missing out all the fun. By the time he decides what kind of ice cream he wants, it is all sold out. Kit and Kate enter as ride operators to help Wolfy choose which ride he should go on before the park closes. They help him understand that the worst choice is not making any choice at all. Kit and Kate point out to Wolfy different ways other kids use when they make choices, like flipping a coin or ""Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"". Wolfy ends up picking the Scary-Go-Round by simply closing his eyes, pointing his finger and spinning around. He has a great time on the ride and decides that the next time he can try a different ride and see if he likes that one even more!

      Bilingual options : English / Cantonese (TV)
      Broadcast channel : RTHK TV 31
      Broadcast date & time : 1st May, Sunday 9:07 a.m.