Student Concert Hall 学界音乐厅



    Regulations 活动详情

    Student Concert Hall aims to enhance the pleasure of music-making among the younger generation and cultivate the interest in music appreciation in the general community. This programme has been organized partially in response to the spread of COVID-19.

    We welcome both solos and groups. Here are some highlights:

    1. This is a programme with student performers in mind. There is no age limit. All full-time students who have a HKID card and are studying in a recognised school or educational institute in Hong Kong or abroad can submit an application. Recent graduates in the 2019-20 academic year are also welcome.
    2. We invite students to submit their performance clips to RTHK Radio 4 through the event’s webpage.  Upload each of your performance clips to YouTube and set it as ‘unlisted’. Name the video title as ‘Name of composer/title of work/performer(s)’. Then copy the URL of the video and paste the link onto the electronic application form.
    3. Clips submitted do not need to be current, old recordings are acceptable. We even take clips which have been shared on social media. Duration is flexible too. It can range from a single short piece, to a collection of pieces, or a multi-movement complete work. The maximum total duration for a submission is 35 minutes.
    4. Applicants may play or sing works from the fine music repertoire. Western classical, jazz, Chinese or world music are all welcome.
    5. Subsequent to adjudication, audio recordings of selected student artists will be broadcast in the Radio 4 programme series ‘Student Concert Hall’, and uploaded onto RTHK’s website. On top of music, sound bites from interviews of selected students may also appear in the programmes.
    6. Application period: 2-30/11/2020

    Enquiries: 2339 6425

    * Each applicant may only submit ONE application.



    1. 这个节目以学生为对象,年龄不限。凡持有香港身份证者及在认可的本地或海外学校或教育机构就读的全日制学生均可报名。在2019-20学年毕业的学生亦欢迎参加。

    2. 请同学把自己的演出片段上载到香港电台第四台的相关网页。参加者须把每首乐曲的演奏片段上载到YouTube,并把浏览权限设定为「不公开」。把你的影片标题命名为「作曲家名称/乐曲名称/演出者名称」。之后复制影片的连结,并把它贴在电子报名表上。

    3. 提交的录影新旧皆可,曾在社交媒体分享的亦可以。片段可以是一首短曲,以至一系列乐/歌曲或多乐章作品,唯提交的总长度不能超过35分钟。

    4. 参加者须以乐器或声乐,演绎西方或中国美乐作品。爵士或世界音乐皆可。

    5. 通过甄选的录音,将会在第四台的「学界音乐厅」节目中播出,并上载到香港电台网页。除音乐以外,演出者的访问或会出现在节目中。

    6. 报名日期:2-30/11/2020

    查询:2339 6425


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