监制:Fong Hiu Shan

How to feed a hungry world? Imagine in 35 years, we have 2.5 billion more mouths - an extra China and India combined - to take care of. What makes the task more challenging is our world already has one billion chronically hungry people, less arable land to develop, unpredictable climate change disrupting farm production, overfishing and growing water shortages in the mix. Luckily, researchers, scientists and bright minds in search of sustainable food sources are convinced that we only need to adjust our taste buds to get stomach full. The food plates in three decades might not look like the same as we have today, however, they are promised to be as tasty, nutritional and healthy as always, if not more. Kannie Chung, a native Hong Kong foodie, sets out on a food adventure, spots on a street in Cuba, Holland, North America, Demark, Vietnam, China & Hong Kong to meet radical thinkers and producers of food, who have been experimenting to convert plastic into food, visiting seed bank to preserve old crop plant varieties, exploring how a synthetic meat, the world's costliest burger made it on to the plate, etc. Let’s follow Kannie’s footprints, finding an innovative ideas, turning today’s inedible into tomorrow’s delicacy.