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    英语篇 #10 迷信相关的英文用语


    Have you had a staycation recently?

    -          Are you scared of staying in a hotel room by yourself?

    -          I am scared of 鬼压床 (Scientists and doctors would tell you that it is just ​​sleep paralysis 睡眠瘫痪).

    -          Do you believe in 迷信 (superstitions)?

    宁可信其有 不可信其无  It is better to believe that it exists than that it does not.


    -          News headline


    Chinese woman detained after another ‘lucky coin toss’ at aircraft engine

    The woman threw half a dozen coins at the engine before the flight between the Inner Mongolian cities of Hohhot and Chifeng. The service was due to take off soon after 8am but was delayed by more than two hours as staff searched for the coins and moved the remaining passengers to another aircraft. All of the coins were recovered.

    What makes people superstitious?

                (A scientific explanation from a medical website)

    Superstitions have two main causes: cultural tradition 文化传统  and individual experiences. If you grew up steeped in the superstitions of a particular culture or religion, you may carry these beliefs forward, even subconsciously 潜意识地.

    Chinese festivals such as 鬼节 Ghost Festival and Qingming Festival 清明节

    -          People burn joss paper (纸钱) and other joss paper products.

    -          Do you believe the deceased (已去世的人)would really receive them?

    Feng Shui 风水

    -          Many westerners believe in feng shui.

    -          My friend, who just bought a tiny apartment that looked like a flat that had been murdered in (凶宅) or a haunted flat (鬼屋) at first in Quarry Bay hired a feng shui master (风水师傅) to look over the layout.

    -          There was an abandoned house (废弃的房子) near my old high school. It looked creepy (怪异可怕的、诡异).

    Numbers That Would Give You Bad Luck

    -          A lot of western superstitions have got to do with the Bible. 

    -          666 - the devil's number in the bible.

    -          Similar to 4 in Chinese for death and obviously 8 for good, but Chinese is just a play on sounds rather than meaning.

    -          Why is Friday the 13th Unlucky?

    According to biblical (有关《圣经》的)  tradition, 13 guests attended the Last Supper, held on Maundy Thursday, including Jesus and his 12 apostles (one of whom, Judas, betrayed him). The next day, of course, was Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

    Some buildings would not have a 13th floor.

    Let’s guess. Do you think these are true superstitions? And why?

    -          Walking Under a Ladder

    This could be an old wives’ tale (无稽之谈/ 不科学的陈腐说法/ 老太太的故事)  to protect people from getting hurt. But it’s actually from back in the day, when they used to hang people and if you walked under the ladder, you would be walking directly under the dead person’s body.

    -          Smell Your Own Feet

    -          Breaking a Mirror

    Another one with an ancient history here! Some people believe that breaking a mirror is meant to give you 7 years of bad luck. This harks back to the Roman times, when they believed that mirrors were a portal to the soul, and breaking one would damage the soul, which couldn't be amended until life renewed itself, which was believed to be every seven years.

    -          Knocking on Wood

    Knock on wood. / Touch wood. (The internet says they are both the same. “Knock on wood” is more of an American saying.)

    Most common western superstition/ Celtic beliefs that spirits resided in tress and be called upon for protection.

    07/08/2022 - 足本 Full (HKT 20:04 - 20:35)



    英语篇 #11 求医的英文用语

    We’ve had five waves of COVID already, but we are still very alerted.


    ●       News headline from The Guardian:


    “Alarm in Beijing after announcement zero-Covid policy 清零政策 may last five


    -          Communist party official posts notice saying mass mandatory testing and travel curbs will continue


    Symptoms of COVID (Most common)

    ○        Fever

    ■        I had a fever last night.

    ○        Cough

    ■        I have been coughing a lot.

    ○        Tiredness (exhausted 很累)

    ■        I have been exhausted.

    ○        Loss of taste or smell

    ■        I haven’t been able to taste anything.

    ○        Phlegm 痰 (spit out your phlegm 吐痰)

    ■        I have been coughing up a lot of phlegm.

    ○        Stuffy nose 鼻塞

    ■        My nose has been stuffy, especially when I am lying down.

    ○        Snot / nasal mucus 鼻涕 / 鼻的分泌物

    ■        There’s a lot of snot.

    ○        Migraine 偏头痛

    ■        I keep getting migraines.


    Some people are affected by long COVID and this can last months.


    Common long COVID symptoms include:


    -          extreme tiredness (fatigue) 疲倦

    -          shortness of breath 呼吸急促

    -          chest pain or tightness 胸痛或紧绷

    -          problems with memory and concentration ("brain fog") 记忆/专注力问题

    -          difficulty sleeping (insomnia 失眠)

    -          heart palpitations 心悸

    -          Dizziness 头晕


    4.      Women get periods, unless they have had menopause (停经)already.


    Symptoms associated with menstrual 月经的 period:


    cramps (m 痛) / menstrual pain/ menstrual cramps Back pain 背疼 / Lower back pain 腰疼 (back can be the whole back)  (On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely painful, how would you rate your pain?) When you go see a gynecologist, they would always ask, “When was the first day of your last period?” In Europe, men can pay to experience giving birth, would you do it?


    They use a machine that puts electric currents into your body to force your muscles to contract. 肌肉收缩 “It hits me like a train 疼到好像被火车撞. It feels as if my stomach is being so violently compressed it’s going to come out of my back.”


    The weather in Hong Kong is always so humid. The air is very polluted.


    ●       allergy 敏感

    ●       Nasal allergy 鼻敏感

    ●       food allergy 食物敏感

    -          Do you have any food allergies?

    -          My cat is allergic to gluten (a wheat allergy).

    ●       Allergic (Are you allergic to peanuts?/  A lot of westerners are allergic to peanuts)

    ●       Eczema 湿疹

    -          The doctor may prescribe steroid cream). / prescribe 配药

    -          There is some rash.

    ●       Rash 皮疹


    ●       Diagnosed with 被诊断出 / diagnosis (noun)


    -          You have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

    -          You have been diagnosed with pneumonia (肺炎).


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