The human body is truly extraordinary and rarely more so than in its ability to take care of itself. In this episode, we look at how we can optimise our health and maximise our own powers. With the help of our trademark, state of the art, scientific explanations...we meet a master of meditation and also some children just starting mindfulness classes, a psychiatrist able to hypnotise himself as well as a therapist using hypnosis as a form of anaesthetic and in Iceland we look at how the island nation’s people stay healthy through the long, dark winters.

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    • 边个讲大话





      Deception is an integral part of human nature and it is estimated we all lie up to nine times a day. But what if we created a world in which we couldn't lie? In a radical experiment, pioneering scientists from across Europe have come together to make this happen.

      Brand new technology is allowing them to rig three British people to make it impossible for them to lie undetected. Then they will be challenged to live for a whole week without telling a single lie. It is a bold social experiment to discover the role of deception in our lives - to investigate the impact lying has on our mental state and the consequences of it for our relationships, and to ask whether the world would be a better or worse place if we couldn't lie.

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    • 奇妙的月亮




      Blood moons, super moons and total eclipses. Explore a stunning medley of lunar delights and learn about its incredible influence on the natural world. It has always been difficult to film the moon at night. But new low-light cameras and digital telescopes can finally capture the moon in its natural surroundings, against some stunning backdrops from across the world. Travel to the rich undersea world of the South Pacific where the coral reefs breed in synch with the moon cycles. Witness the mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong, where the entire city falls under the moon’s spell, and watch the total eclipse transform day to night across the United States. See the moon in a new light in this fascinating lunar adventure.

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    • 冲击柏金逊症(下)



      In the second episode, cameras continue to follow the lives of the Parkinson’s sufferers who agreed to take part in an invasive clinical trial - testing a drug that could be the first to halt progression, or even reverse, their condition. The surgery and infusions are medical firsts, offering a whole new way of delivering drugs to the brain. It leads to Pfizer, the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company, investing in GDNF and the Bristol delivery system part-way through the trial.

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    • 冲击柏金逊症(上)



      Filmed over six years this programme follows a group of volunteers with Parkinson’s as they take part in a ground-breaking medical trial testing an experimental drug called GDNF. Forty two volunteers undergo complex brain surgery and months of drug infusions via a port embedded into the side of their skull. Can this clinical trial give hope to the estimated ten million affected by Parkinson’s globally?

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    • 维他命神话



      Nearly half of us take a vitamin or mineral supplement every day, but what are these pills sold on every high street actually doing for us? Digging deeper than the eye catching words on the packaging, Dr Giles Yeo investigates who really needs a supplement by putting our diets to the test.

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    • 对抗恶菌



      Wild alligators and a sewage works are just two of the places Angela Rippon discovers that scientists are looking for new ways to fight bacterial infections. Angela reveals how a growing number of bacterial diseases are becoming resistant to the antibiotics currently in use. If nothing is done, millions could die.

      Angela investigates the latest scientific breakthroughs, meets a GP on the front line in the fight against infection and finds out how we can all take part in the effort to keep the miracle cure effective.

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    • 太空任务: 接触

      太空任务: 接触

      高智慧生物是否地球独有呢? 科学家从远古化石之中,寻找生物演化的奥秘,逐步解开演化出人类的谜团。这是偶然抑或是必然呢? 其他星球存在高智生物的可能性又有多大? 如果真的有外星生命,他们会是什么模样呢?


      Are we alone? From the moment we were conscious as a species, we have been on a quest to answer this question. Scientists now believe that the conditions for simple life are common in the universe. But what about animals, even including creatures something like ourselves? Will we ever come face to face with another form of intelligence? And if we did, what would it mean for our belief systems? Can we survive long enough to find out? 

      TV Version: Bilingual Broadcast (Cantonese/English)

    • 太空任务: 另一个起源

      太空任务: 另一个起源


      Life on Earth is a miracle and an enigma. The great mystery of it’s origin has beguiled the human mind since we developed the capacity for wonder. But on the eve of the 21st Century that mystery took on a new dimension. The discovery that there are Earth-like worlds outside our solar system confronts scientists with a new question: How many more miracles might be out there hidden among the stars?

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    • 太空任务: 推进

      太空任务: 推进



      The new space race has begun. After more than 50 years exploring nearby planets, it’s time to venture beyond the limits of our solar system to explore alien worlds orbiting distant suns. But the scale of this adventure is unlike anything humankind has ever attempted before. To meet the challenge, the world’s greatest engineers will have to revolutionise propulsion technology, navigation, and AI to build an autonomous spacecraft of the future. 

      TV Version: Bilingual Broadcast (Cantonese/English)

    • 太空任务: 寻找

      太空任务: 寻找



      This episode brings us up to speed on the exoplanet revolution and launches a future interstellar mission based on concepts and designs developed in collaboration with today’s leading scientists. The planet hunters, engineers, explorers and dreamers taking the first steps on an interstellar journey they know that they will not complete: a journey of light years and lifetimes to another Earth around another Sun.

      TV Version: Bilingual Broadcast (Cantonese/English)