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My Journey with Red Bean Soup


My Journey with Red Bean Soup

Probably no one can be sure who invented sweet soups, but most people know what sweet soups taste like.

“Sweet soup” is a dessert and hence sweet in taste. Red bean soup is one of the most frequently consumed sweet soup.

Hong Kong people generally have the habit of having “sweet soups”. In the past, people would have red bean sweet soup, green bean sweet soup, black sesame sweet soup, etc., in congee restaurants. Sweet soup is also the last dish of banquets in Chinese restaurants. Subsequently, sweet soup shops have mushroomed with many different kinds of sweet soups available. And sweet soups have even become the protagonist on the table.

After her divorce, in addition to taking care of both her singing career and her son, singer Colleen LAU recently opened a sweet soup shop. She often likes to study different kinds of sweet soups and desserts. Taking on multiple roles, her dream is to work hard for her family every day.

Colleen likes to have sweet soups, and she makes sweet soups for herself and her son when she has time. Occasionally, she shares them with her neighbours, winning a lot of friendship. One day, when she was hanging out on the streets and trying to find something to eat, she found out that the streets were full of “tapioca bubble tea” shops. She then asked herself: Are there any Hong Kong-style drink similar to this one? How about our culinary culture?

As such, she is determined to develop “portable” sweet soups. In May this year, she took the first step towards her dream – she opened a sweet soup shop, running a pilot scheme of selling “portable” sweet soups.

Hong Kong Stories - Tastes of Home

Taste brought up feelings and memories, where the stories would be unfolded. This series told the stories of Hong Kong people through local food. The kind of food is common, yet special, a specialty in Hong Kong.
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