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Piano from my Heart

Carol started learning piano when she was 5, and she obtained her performance diploma in piano at the age of 19. Today, she has even become a full-time piano teacher.

Nowadays, many people think that playing piano is boring, but Carol enjoys conveying different concepts and ideas through piano instead.

In life, many come across people who can inspire them, and so as Carol, she also comes across SiS (乐印姊妹), a new girl duo in the music industry. People are often inspired by others with ample experience, social status, and remarkable achievements. Yet, Carol is inspired by two young ladies who are younger than her! Carol admires the lyrics they write as well as their infectious voices. She believes that SiS (乐印姊妹) songs are always capable of kindling listeners’ hope, and they also drive Carol to be more insistent and diligent on her musical journey. Carol also hopes to bring everyone joy through music the way SiS (乐印姊妹) does.

Hong Kong Stories-Next Wave

Wouldn’t it be great if only in life, we could actually see reflections of ourselves through the people we meet? We would learn about our blind spots or weaknesses or even discover personal aspirations that would help drive our own course of life towards success. We are all bound to meet different kinds of people in life; some are meant to be your acquaintances at best, some are your precious friends who witness important moments of life with you, and some are even destined to be both your truest friend and mentor, and they are as important to you as lighthouses are to lost ships in the sea.

Everyone will meet that certain someone who can inspire him or her in life. Some of them may be highly accomplished celebrities; others could be friends who you see everyday, some may even be unknown nonentities. These people often are able to influence us because we have been touched somewhat by their genuine passion for life, often expressed their pursuit of whatever it is that they love.

The new season of Hong Kong Stories – “Next Wave” features ten different personalities from various backgrounds, each with a unique story of their own about pursuing life in the footsteps of those who have greatly inspired them. We will come to understand what moved these main characters to their point of inspiration, and how they came to discover both the will and determination to fight for their dreams, thus leading a brilliant life. In each episode, a special arrangement is made for each featured character to meet and work with their muse in order to accomplish a certain task, thus enabling each person to observe and learn from their source of inspiration. May sparks fly as these inspirational figures collide, as creativity ignites creativity and one life causes another to shine even brighter.
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