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The Scent of My Memory

Let us mix alcohol with familiar smells and seize our exclusive memory.

Kit and Joseph created a local craft gin capturing various scents representing Hong Kong in it. Scents like the floral scent of white jade orchid, the scent of tangerine from dried tangerine peels and scent of sandalwood in temples, more or less exist in our memories. They have performed numerous experiments to extract the best white jade orchid floral water for gin making, in the hope of combining local culture and crops and creating a distilled spirits of collective memory.

Kerry, a native of Xinhui, has a vivid memory of dried tangerine peels. Since she was small, she helped to pick and peel tangerines and dry the peels under the sun in a tangerine orchard in the country. When her two sons were born, Kerry made some dried tangerine peels with red skin tangerines of the year as a gift to her sons. She hopes that when her sons grow up, they will remember her whenever they taste dried tangerine peels.

In the past, there were quite a lot of distilleries in Hong Kong. People loved to drink double distilled rice wine after a day of hard work. Jack, the owner of Kwu Tung Distillery, will share with us the history of some vanished distilleries and the origin of Yuk Ping Shu.

Hong Kong Stories - Tastes of Home

Taste brought up feelings and memories, where the stories would be unfolded. This series told the stories of Hong Kong people through local food. The kind of food is common, yet special, a specialty in Hong Kong.
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